7 tips for Baccarat player to make money

If you are new to baccarat, then you need to read this article to learn these seven techniques to make money in the casino more smoothly.

1.Reduce the “Tie” bet when playing baccarat.

In the basic rules of Baccarat, the player can vote on three outcomes according to probabilities and expected value calculations. The idle profit is about 1.24%. For each 100 yuan bet, the player loses 1.06 yuan (bank) or 1.24 yuan (player).

The above only talks about bank and idle casino advantages, if there is a betting and casino advantage, the interesting answer is that the casino advantage is about 14.4%. That the average player who bets 100 yuan will lose 14.4 yuan. This is a very big gap and a very risky betting method, so don’t try to bet on the “tie”.

2. it’s right to bet on “Banker”

According to Technique 1, you will find that the “Banker” bet in Baccarat is the best option. Because banker’s casino advantage is the lowest of the three situations. Someone did a statistical analysis of the probability of Baccarat games and found that the probability of winning was more than 50% in the case of long bets.

However, there is no free lunch in the world. It is because the winning rate of bank bets is too high, if you use baccarat to win the bank will cost 5%.

3. When opening the bank continuously, place bets

If you want to win in baccarat, the most important key is – raise. Suppose a player bets on the banker after winning the first time, he can bet on the banker immediately. The chances of a dealer appearing are much higher than a free dealer.

Therefore, also repeatedly remind that although I won two or three games before, I did not invest a lot in the banker. After all, the banker still has a 1.06% house advantage, so it is impossible to be lucky enough not to lose any games.

4. Baccarat Technical Guidelines

Presentation technique 3. If you fail in your pursuit of a winning streak, don’t immediately choose to bet on another situation. Usually, if there is a winning streak ahead, it is recommended to slow down the pace for the player first, observe a few times before continuing to bet.

At this time, the player needs to “look at the road” first. Whether the cards that appear in the stands are as you think, and then you must continue to pursue the road of winning streak.

5. Ignore “tie” when it appears

Now almost all baccarat games in entertainment venues are set to refund the player’s betting amount as soon as a tie is opened. A tie is like a tie, and it is no longer a type of betting method. Therefore, when looking at the road, you can ignore it directly if you look at the draw.

6. Switching between Banker, Tie, Player: When losing “Player”, switch to “Banker” immediately.

If you are inactive after winning, found that I lost the game, please immediately return it to the banker. There is no reason. Because Banker has a high probability of being elected, sometimes “winning streak”.

7. Control your money

Measuring your own money is the only way to survive in a casino for a long time, if you cannot control your own funds, it is highly recommended not to play casino games.

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