2023 latest Baccarat strategy, to Win Consistently!

This method can only be used when at least 10 games have started and there are obviously different odds on both the Banker and Player sides. center point In this sense of playing baccarat, the win rate for both sides should actually be the same.

Analyze the win rate of both sides in the past.

When should always bet on cards

In fact, everyone knows that the payout rate of the tie card is 1 to 8. That can easily be interpreted as statistically, when playing 8 eyes, there is always 1 draw. Therefore, when we look at the past 8 games statistics If there is still no draw then we can bet. which will have a very high chance of winning the bet and getting a high prize

When should you bet on Banker and Banker side?

If this method is used in the analysis, easily available The technique is to observe the past games if the number of banker wins is less than many games. We bet on the player’s side. using the center rule or statistical principles at all It’s easy to see which side wins less than that side bet.

When to bet on the player side

Likewise with betting on the Banker side, if we are going to bet on the Player side, that player will look at the player’s winning statistics. If there are many games that win less than the dealer’s side We should bet on the player’s side. According to the statistical principle, the reward rate can be seen that the chances for both sides to win the game are similar. If one side wins more than many games In the end, the other side will come back to win. Which the chances of winning will definitely be greater than the side with a higher win rate.

Advantages of this strategy can be analyzed quickly and easily It doesn’t take much time and takes a few rounds of historical data. can be used to analyze together with other strategy. Okbet is a good place to play baccarat, available at all times. able to get to know each other through various channels See in joining okbet this fun will not disappoint you.

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